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Ackee best Vegan alternative not tofu!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Ackee best Vegan alternative not tofu
Ackee best Vegan alternative not tofu

A really fun part about following a plant-based diet is discovering all sorts of amazing and interesting ingredients and if you’re looking for a substitution for eggs to make scramble with, what about giving ackee a go? Ackee best Vegan alternative not tofu!

We feature this in our Delightful V’s Big Brunch option on the menu and it’s always incredibly popular with our happy customers. Ackee is a fruit but, much like the jolly tomato, you can cook and use it as if it were a vegetable. It’s also the national fruit of Jamaica!

To cook with it, you’ll need to cut it open and remove any black seeds you find, as well as the red lining on the flesh. Give the flesh a good wash and drain it well before using it.

People often say that ackee looks a lot like scrambled eggs so it’s a really great alternative to use and it’s a very healthy option, as well, boasting all sorts of nutritious minerals, including iron, potassium, vitamin C and niacin.

It might not have the same levels of protein as an actual egg, but it also won’t add to your cholesterol levels, so it’s a really good health-conscious switch to make.

Our Big Brunch combines ackee with sweet red peppers, mushrooms and onions, and you’ll find that the fruit works really well with all sorts of different ingredients. If you fancy trying to cook with it yourself, why not try whipping up a batch of ackee and saltfish, which is the national dish of Jamaica!

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