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The origins of Just Fab Kitchen

Updated: Jun 26

I’m in my Just Fab kitchen on this the first day of a predicted scorching hot weekend. I’m an omnivore by birth however several years back I exclusively ate a vegan diet for about a year. That was back in the days when cashew nuts where the basis for many a vegan meal. I still use cashew nuts to this day.

I was really into health and fitness back then and was exploring healthy eating options that didn’t include what I perceived to be unappetising (bland steamed food gave me gout) or starvation! I can honestly say I had the best mental clarity. That year I had no need to write down a food shopping list I had perfect recall from memory. Other things I have kept with me until this day is: eating vegan has undoubtedly enlarged my food diversity. I still prefer vegan baking over omnivore baking. Vegan Chocolate cake is my preferred chocolate cake. So here I am exhorting the wonders of vegan cuisine ‘so why did you backslide’ you maybe thinking? Never eat a 35 day aged steak again, for as long as I live? Can someone please find me a fitting 'I can't do it’ GIF?

The other down side was not having much choice when I went out with my friends: my options were limited either salad and or chips. Oh and asking the waiter about vegan options and him responding ‘we have fish or ‘mac’n’cheese’… Which brings me back to the concept of my restaurant- Just Fab Kitchen. I started out in my home kitchen several years ago. I moved into my very first restaurant space in January 2024. Definitely eyeing up my own self contained restaurant for 2025!

At Just Fab Kitchen, I pride myself on catering to diverse dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, halal, and more. I decided on this idea because it was a real issue finding a restaurant that catered to all my friends group, as we all have different dietary requirements... The straight up arguments we used to have! My goal is to ensure all tastebuds have a seat at the table, no matter your dietary needs, all can find something delicious on my carefully curated diet inclusive menu. Because we all eat together. Available for dine in or delivery.

Gluten free and Vegan items are stored and cooked in separately from omnivore ingredients. I have no intention of being cancelled by my team vegans or shut down by Southwark Food standards agency due to gluten contamination. Please an someone find me a fantastic No Ma’am GIF?

Which leads me nicely to this gorgeous salad- The Green Salad. Green leaves- I use spinach, cucumber, avocado, courgettes, spring onions, sprinkled with Chia seeds, olives, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, Himalayan salt, pepper and oregano displayed here with Jackfruit, you could substitute with chicken, haloumi strips or a 35 day aged steak. All our salads are main meal portion size.

Salad spinach avocado jackfruit courgettes cucumber spring onions chia seeds
The Green Salad

Enjoy! The origins of Just Fab Kitchen

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